Is the Glock 43 the Must Have Handgun?

Like many Glock 26 9mm handgun owners, we chose the 26 for a reason, mostly because of its smaller size than the larger 19 or 17 models. That being said, many considered it “fat” and wondered aloud “ Imagine if this could be the same gun, but just SLIMMER” – for even better conceal-ability.
Fast forward to today and we have it – the popular GLOCK 43 chambered in 9mm. Sure we gave up a round or two of ammunition in the magazine, but who cares? IT’S SLIM! And unless you own huge hands, it fits very nicely into your hands. It’s a smooth shooter with familiar sights and functionality.

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Now the question and debate is on – is the GLOCK 43 the perfect carry gun?
I have watched this debate for a few months now and am starting to wonder what really is wrong with the GLOCK 43 as a carry option for many, if not all of us?
You know you have a hit when the custom guys start taking notice – and they have. Here is the latest from Boresight Solutions in Florida. Their custom GLOCK 43 features cutouts on the slide, grip stippling, a new trigger, and more.
Check out Is the Glock 43 the Must Have Handgun? at
So what do you think? Is the GLOCK 43 a must have firearm, great for anyone, or just another GLOCK in yet another different size? Let us know what you think below.


I first saw the TASER PULSE at SHOT SHOW’s industry range day in Las Vegas in January. My initial reaction was “well ALRIGHT! They got it right!” The PULSE is a new, smaller, compact version of a TASER that is now shaped like a compact carry gun, and has many of the functions that pistol owners have become accustomed to.
We also met Annie, their product manager, and she showed us everything first hand. This video shares our initial impressions as we shot the new PULSE on site at media day at the range:

Some things you need to know about the PULSE:

  • The TASER PULSE uses Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI), as it shoots two hooked projectiles into the attacker and “stuns” them. As the trigger remains depressed, you temporarily override an attacker’s central nervous system, limiting muscular control for 30 seconds.
  • While the effective range is 15 feet, even if the barbs are pulled out, the gun itself is always a “contact stun” – added insurance in close encounters.
  • It is LEGAL! (in most cases), click here to see what the local state laws say directly from the TASER website –
  • It features a LASER to assist target acquisition – paired with a powerful LED flashlight, a battery status indicator, as well as shaved safeties and angled sights.
When I arrived back home from SHOT SHOW 2017, one of the first things I shared with my wife was the video on the PULSE. She had been using the other TASER for civilians (now called the BOLT) and had experienced an issue with the sliding cover that protects the “trigger” on that model. Soon after we discussed this new option, the PULSE arrived at our home.


My wife works past sunset many days, and the dark parking lot at her work is the main reason she carries a TASER. A flashlight has also become a go to tool for her at work and elsewhere. She does not carry a firearm, so the TASER PULSE seems to be the next best thing, we both agree that it is a fantastic option for our needs.
The size is perfect for purses, backpacks, or other off body carry options, it checks in at just .5 POUNDS with these impressive stats: Width: 1.25” Length: 5.25” Height: 4.75”.
The only accessory that I recommend is the BLADETECH holster that you can buy at the TASER website. It is a molded kydex holster that has the positive retention that you may be used to with other carry systems you use. The neoprene will work perfectly if you are leaving the PULSE in one place, but if you plan on transferring it from bag to bag or place to place, the kydex is the way to go.
With all of these features, TASER seems to have hit the nail on the head for a compact, non-lethal alternative that will give you or a loved one a fighting chance. The TASER PULSE retails for $399, visit today for more information.

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